Yan Ming | Interview

Interview by Yuhui Liao-Fan Yan Ming’s photographs from “Country Of Ambition” offer the viewer an ironic and, sometimes, cynical view of China. His pictures hint at both the industrialisation of the country, the increasing urban-rural divide, as well as the ability of the Chinese people to cope with this unprecedented change in their lives, with …

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Øyvind Hjelmen | Interview

Interview to Panos Kasimis Øyvind Hjelmen’s images evoke intimacy and a poetic appeal to memory. They are real-life moments captured in silver halide, that spark passion and dreaming. The dream that is triggered by thought. In the fragile environment created -with tenacity and surprise still present- we enter the artist’s imagination and delve into the …

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Ruth Kaplan

Interview to Panos Kasimis Being allowed to enter someoneelse’s personal space with your camera can be difficult. Especially if you don’t know them and you’re interested in documenting their privacy and emotions. When they bathe, naked and unprotected; when they express their faith or when, as refugees, they wait for the authorities to allow them …

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