LUO JIAN: “Deep Red”

ENG GR In Tibet, red is the color of robes and temples. It is the symbolic color of Tibetan Buddhism, also the sacred representation of chastity and perseverance. As Chinese authorities’ control over Tibet tightens, Tibetan Buddhism, once intertwined with politics, gradually grows indifferent toward politics. The monastic codes embedded in the religion: contentment, and …

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GEORGE VOGIATZAKIS: “Perpetual Motif “

eng The series entitled “Perpetual Motif” includes photos of the last eight years from his own fantastic city, which is perceived through a puzzle of fragmentary images from various cities that he has visited and photographed. gr Η ενότητα με τίτλο “Perpetual Motif” περιλαμβάνει φωτογραφίες των τελευταίων οχτώ ετών μέσα στην πόλη -μια δική του …

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